Cold Hawaii

Cold IPA

Cryo Pop, Incognito Mosaic

Whut? Cold Hawaii? Dat klinkt als een eiland dat net zo verzonnen is als Atlantis. Nee hoor, Cold Hawaii ligt in het noorden van Denemarken en is een waar walhalla voor surfers. Omdat het in Denemarken altijd regent en koud is (toch?), kun je daar het hele jaar door de blits maken op je surfplank. Dus ook in januari. Mahalo! Excuses: Mæhølø! 










ALC 7,3% VOL

66 IBU

08 EBC

33 CL

Sjors Bosman

Sjors Bosman first picked up the photo camera when he was only a kid, skateboarding in the streets of his home town. He wanted to document their tricks and lifestyle and got inspired by the streets, the people that walked by and involve the environment.

Sjors moved to Breda to start his studies at St. Joost School of Art & Design. Here, he felt free to experiment and as his explorations into the world of photography expended, he got more and more drawn to analogue techniques. It felt as if he started to understand the medium and why he wanted to work with it. Now, a few years later, Sjors work as an independent analogue photographer, developing his own film and prints in the darkroom, still skateboarding and still roaming through the streets.