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Coffee Connaisseur, moi?

β˜• Style

Russian Imperial Stout

β˜• Alcohol


β˜• Bitterness

50 IBU

β˜• Colour

150 EBC


For our CCm edition 2021, we have partnered with Rob Clarijs from De Zeeuwse Branding and Syrco Bakker from restaurant Pure C **. They already developed Oostenwind together, an unique coffee with roots in Bali, Indonesia. We thought it would be great to replace our lightly roasted Sumatra coffee with this unique coffee that has a story from our own region, Zeeland. Oostenwind is a fruity, exotic coffee that is even more intense in this beer, due to the special way it is roasted! For more information about Oostenwind:

Photography by Nick Geboers

King Dick

🍌 Style

Russian Imperial Stout

🍌 Alcohol


🍌 Bitterness

60 IBU

🍌 Colour

150 EBC


Dick Dicker Dickst, or in English: Fat, Fatter, Fattest! 35 grams of sugar for each 100 grams of wort (unfermented beer) is fat! Even among the fattest beers, this fat beer is really one of the fattest. King Dick is also a really phat rock band, with phat music. Get your spoon ready!

Pacific Haze

🌎 Style


🌎 Alcohol


🌎 Bitterness

10 IBU

🌎 Colour


The Pacific Haze saga continues! This year our Hazy Friend returns as a Spring Seasonal. For this edition we used Citra Cryo, Mosaic Cryo and Sabro Cryo hops from Yakima Chief, all from the North West Pacific. The Pacific Haze returns annually as a Hazy IPA, with varying hops from the North West Pacific. Cheers!

Artwork by Wencke Nilsson

Passion Thug

πŸ”« Style

Fruited Sour

πŸ”« Alcohol


πŸ”« Bitterness

22 IBU

πŸ”« Colour

14 EBC

In 2021, our original Passion Thug will return. Not the 2020 version, but the original 2019 version. The truly sour Passion Fruit Sour, with its full creaminess. We stole the recipe from one of our favourite breweries: Lervig. That’s why we called it β€˜Passion Thug’. The guys and gals in Stavanger, Norway know about this. πŸ˜‰


🍁 Style


🍁 Alcohol


🍁 Bitterness

30 IBU

🍁 Colour

39 EBC

In the fall of 2021 we’ll introduce our beautiful (Dubbel) Bock. More info about the design and recipe will follow later this year.

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Artwork by Anne Nobels

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