We are Dutch Bargain. Driven by adventure, experience and quality. This is reflected by our beers. We brew to give a new dimension to the world’s beer culture, all from the beautiful province Zeeland in the Netherlands. To accomplish this, all our new recipes and beer developments are approached with an impulsive and rebellious touch. (Click here for more)

We mix tradition with knowledge, creativity and mischief with harmony. A ‘Dutch Bargain’ is an agreement made while drinking, where one of the involved parties takes an advantage over the other. Every time you get a hold of one of our beers, we lose one. So with a Dutch Bargain in your hand, you always win. Enjoy and let us know what you think of our beers through our contact page or one of our social media channels.

Our Classics




DB x A Fish Named Fred

The Brewery

Who are we? It all started in 2011 with the three quirky beer brewers Marc Menue, Stijn Jordans and Thibo Baccarne. Since then, we have been surrounded by a dedicated team of specialists. When the brewery in the heart of Groede burst at its seams, we started looking for a new location. We found this in a building around the corner, the old municipal school of Groede. And like that, the Dutch Bargain brewery was born. The proud home of the stubborn Dutch Bargain and the luxurious Marckensteijn.

What do these three guys want to achieve with the brewery?

“To give a new dimension to the world’s beer culture”, Thibo says. Stijn and Marc fully agree on this. There’s a lot of work to be done in spreading the word about the wonderful world of Craft Beer. Plus, there is still so much to discover. The possibilities are endless. We want to scale up the world to beer experience 3.0. The beer market is such a fast-growing phenomenon, that we have to bring quality. New players are joining daily. We continue to develop, so that we remain among the better brewers.



Our brewmaster is a young guy from Antwerp. At the age of fifteen, he came across the discovery of his life. You can brew beer yourself! Since that day, this creative brain has been racing through the beer world, with only one goal: to give a new dimension to the world's beer culture. When he's not brewing, you can usually find him climbing the rocks or surfing the waves.



Sales hero by birth. Mischievous and with little passion for school, he came into contact with the hospitality industry on an early age. Following trends in the world of food, drink and music, he came across Marc in December 2011, where they took the plunge together to take over Café-Restaurant De Drie Koningen and its in-house beer brewing installation.



The words "together" and "cooperation" are important for "the compass of the brewery", who moved to Groede in 2000 with his wife Veronique. He finds his real passion when he bumps into the brewery in Groede. Together with Stijn he embarks on a new adventure. The rest is history.